Using HTTPClient in Godot

Hi all, While I was creating an openclipart plugin for the Godot Engine, I have created an HTTP class for downloading the data and images. Godot has built-in support for HTTP get/post data. An example on how to use the HTTPClient is already available on godot github wiki page. The plugin loads multiple images simultaneously

Multi screen game development in Phaser

Note: This tutorial was targeted for a previous version of the Phaser library. The updated version can be found here. Phaser is a robust, famous multi-platform game development framework based on the fast PIXI library. It is getting much attention now-a-days. There are so much examples there in, and thus learning Phaser is very

SoundWrapper class for SoundJS

CreateJS libraries are very helpful in creating stunning html5 games and apps. This library has a SoundJS library which can be used to play sounds. It can decide which one to load according to the device capability. However, while coding games, we may need to play musics, play sound effects, stop, fade, crossfade etc. For

Welcome to codetuto

Welcome to my blog. I am an Actionscript 3 game developer and a PHP Programmer. Coming straight to the point, I am not a professional blogger,  and will be posting some tutorials and views about the things I know. I am not trying to duplicate already available tutorials/posts in the internet but to post some