Author: Vinod

Animated particles in Phaser

In this tutorial, we will create animated particles in phaser. The phaser official site has examples for most of the things that we can do. However it lacks an example on animated particles. So we are going to explore it. It is as simple as creating a custom class for the particle with animation.

Designing UI for games in Unity

Designing UI for games takes some effort. And doing the same on mobile devices is very difficult. The variety of screen resolutions and dpis make the job not easy. Luckily, the guys that made Unity came up with a solution and that is Unity UI components. It is available from Unity 4.6 version. Once you

Fix CSS caching on WordPress

When you build a wordpress blog, the first thing you’ll want to have is a theme. Then you realize that you want to change something on the theme. You can directly edit on the theme files to quickly modify the blog’s appearance to fit to your tastes but there is a recommended way – i.e.,