7 Lerping tricks you need to know as a Game Developer

Linear Interpolation or lerping is a mathematical function which interpolates between two values. The interpolation amount is varied by passing a weight factor along with the start and end values. Linear interpolation is used in many areas of game development for movement, rotation, scale and everywhere you can think of. This article is about 7 lerping tricks you need to know as a game developer. Continue reading

Designing UI for games in Unity

Designing UI for games takes some effort. And doing the same on mobile devices is very difficult. The variety of screen resolutions and dpis make the job not easy. Luckily, the guys that made Unity came up with a solution and that is Unity UI components. It is available from Unity 4.6 version.

Once you design a user interface using Unity UI, you will praise them. If you have already done some things in it, then you know it. Once we design the interface correctly, it will scale and align to all of the screens and resolutions perfectly. You also won’t have the problem of font scaling too. Continue reading