Using HTTPClient in Godot

Hi all,

While I was creating an openclipart plugin for the Godot Engine, I have created an HTTP class for downloading the data and images. Godot has built-in support for HTTP get/post data. An example on how to use the HTTPClient is already available on godot github wiki page.

The plugin loads multiple images simultaneously so I was in need of creating a class for that. Also there are multiple things are loaded, there is a chance of blocking the UI. Here comes multi-threading to the rescue. Godot wiki also has an example for background resource loading in another thread.

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Resolution Switcher Plugin for Godot

Godot game engine is a free opensource game engine similar to Unity. It is a cross platform software that works flawlessly on Windows, Mac or Linux and can export to almost every platforms. However, this is a new born child in the game development community and it does have limited features. As a first attempt, I have created a plugin which can be used to switch the test resolutions while developing 2D games.

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