Drawing a circle using Gizmos in Unity3D

In Unity game engine editor, there are options to draw a box or a sphere in Gizmos. At times, we may need to draw simple 2d circles using Gizmos. But there is no API for drawing circles in gizmos. There is a method to draw lines in gizmos, we can use that method to draw multiple connected lines to make a circle. The code is given below;

#pragma strict

@script ExecuteInEditMode()

var Radius:float = 4;

function OnDrawGizmosSelected(){
 var T:Transform = GetComponent(Transform);
 Gizmos.color = Color.white;
 var theta:float = 0;
 var x:float = Radius*Mathf.Cos(theta);
 var y:float = Radius*Mathf.Sin(theta);
 var pos:Vector3 = T.position+Vector3(x,0,y);
 var newPos:Vector3 = pos;
 var lastPos:Vector3 = pos;
 for(theta = 0.1;theta<Mathf.PI*2;theta+=0.1){
  x = Radius*Mathf.Cos(theta);
  y = Radius*Mathf.Sin(theta);
  newPos = T.position+Vector3(x,0,y);
  pos = newPos;

You can add this script into a component and when we select the gameobject we can see the circle. Thanks for reading.

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