Resolution Switcher Plugin for Godot

Godot game engine is a free opensource game engine similar to Unity. It is a cross platform software that works flawlessly on Windows, Mac or Linux and can export to almost every platforms. However, this is a new born child in the game development community and it does have limited features. As a first attempt, I have created a plugin which can be used to switch the test resolutions while developing 2D games.

This plugin has a list of common resolutions and can also add custom ones. When we select a resolution, the plugin will set the test resolution in the Project Settings.
Download the Resolution Switcher plugin from github.

Go to the godot plugins folder and copy the folder Resolution Switcher. Start Godot and click on Settings > Editor Settings.

In that popup window, go to the Plugins tab and check Resolution Switcher plugin.
You can now see the “Switch Resolution” button on the top of the stage view.

Click on it and you can see a list of popular resolutions. Select the desired one.
You can also add custom sizes by clicking the Add Custom Size button.
You need to enter the category. Available categories are:
Enter the label to be displayed. The added width and height will be combined with this label on the list.